Boncare Stay NO Auto-Off Hot HeatingPad Cramps Back Pain Relief Boncare 12” x15”


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  • SPECIAL Heating Pad: it stays on continuously with NO auto shut off and has only two temperature settings – High and Low. If the High setting is too hot for you, you can place a thinner blanket or cloth between you and the heating pad, or turn it off for 5 minutes, and switch back to the Low setting.
  • Ease Aches and Sore Muscles: the electric heating pad heats up in seconds and provides pain relief in minutes, without the need to fill hot water like a rubber water bottle or Heat in a microwave oven like a gel pack. We understand that unbearable pains and cramps can’t wait a minute.
  • Fast Heat Up: this small heating pad heats up quickly to the right temperature and stays on continuously and stably for as long as needed.
  • Moist and Dry Heat: choose between moist or dry heat options by wetting the inside sponge for moist Heat. This option penetrates the skin faster and deeper, reaching the muscle – the root of your pain.
  • Classical Vinyl Heat Pad: vinyl heating pads are hot and easy to wipe clean and sanitize.
  • Machine Washable Cover: the cozy fabric cover is machine washable and dry.
  • Meaningful Gift: this heating pad makes a meaningful gift for families and friends. It’s an excellent Christmas gift for parents, an ideal birthday gift for a daughter, and a perfect Mother’s Day gift from a son or daughter.

Product Description

Boncare Electric Heating Pads for Cramps Fast Relief

Ease Arthritis, Sciatica, And Joint Pain, As Well As Tough Cramping, With An Advanced Heating Pad From Boncare

If you’re struggling with stiff joints, sore muscles, or other common aches and pains it can be hard to get back on track, especially when you’re trying to stay active. Sometimes you need fast, reliable relief with a heating pad that helps penetrate those sore areas and restores soothing comfort fast. We developed this easy-to-use, one-heat heating pad to make it simple to target painful areas, so you can get back to feeling like yourself once again.

Product Details:

· Electric Heating Pad (JY6011A)

· Power: 120V AC (45W-50W)

· Overall Dimensions: 12″ x 15″

· Long 6’ Power Cord

· Temperature Range: 149℉-158℉ (65℃-70℃)

· No Auto-Off and No Temperature Control

· Includes Sponge, Storage Bag, and Soft Cover

Relax Tense Neck and Shoulder Muscles

Soothing and Relaxing Support

When your body hurts, and you can’t get comfortable, you simply don’t want to move. And if you’re injured because of overexertion in the gym or your period pain is just too much, you need a smart, simple solution to start feeling better. The Boncare heating pad is easy to use all over your body and with a one-touch heating system you don’t have to worry about “dialing it in”. Simply turn it on, put it on the right spot, and start feeling better fast.

One Heat Level No Auto Shut Off Gets Hot Quick

Ease Aches and Sore Muscles, Get Heat in Seconds and Relieve Pain in Minutes.

User-Friendly Design

Especially great for those with low hand mobility or aging seniors, our heating pad features a simple slide design that lets you turn it off or on with a single finger. The one-heat temperature setting also means no fumbling around with complex heat controls.

Stay on Heating Pad for Low Back Pain

Reduce Recovery Times

Be it struggling with low back pain, muscle aches, a joint injury, or uncomfortable belly cramps, this heating pad can put you back on the road to recovery fast. Use it with proper heat and ice rotation to speed up recovery so you can get back to your active lifestyle.

More Outstanding Features

Moist Reusable Sponge

Each Boncare heating pad also comes with a reusable sponge that you can get wet to add another layer to the heating experience. This means you can enjoy both wet and dry heat to further speed up your recovery process. Simply dry out or reuse the sponge as needed.

Soft, Skin-Protective Cover

Our PVC electric heating pad is covered in a soft, removable cover that’s gentle on sensitive skin and helps provide a comfortable barrier between it and the heat. It can even be removed and washed to keep it smelling clean and fresh between uses.

12″ x 15″ Small Heating Pad

The standard size heating pad is great for the lower back, neck and shoulders, joint, knee, belly, or other small muscle groups.

It’s also portable for the trip, so you can not only enjoy the heat therapy at home.


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