2 Pair Foam Ear Pads 3M Worktunes Connect Protector Radio headphones


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  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2-pair Replacement Foam Ear Pads
  • MODEL COMPATIBLE: Designed for 3M WorkTunes Connect hearing protector and Peltor tac 100 300 500 Series Shooting Earmuffs, ZOHAN EM042 AM/FM radio headphones, Fully compatible with PROHEAR 027 033, PROHEAR 037
  • MORE COMFORTABLE: Regular replacing your hearing protector cushions could keep the earmuffs in a stable performance, and it could protect your hearing. We recommend a replacement every 6 month
  • QUICK INSTALLATION: Snap-in design vs. glue allows for quick and easy changing of ear cushions, just pop out the old cushions and snap in the new ones

Product Description

Why Choose PROHEAR?
  • PROHEAR has spent the past 15 years solely focused on hearing protection and optimization. We stand by the quality of our shooting earmuffs.
  • PROHEAR is willing to listen and talk to you with your feedback to improve our products and services so that you have the best purchase experience.

Replacement Ear Cushion Hygiene Kit*2 Pair

Maintain the original service performance of the headset

  • Unlike other foam earpads on the market, PROHEAR 2-pairs ear cushions are made of high-quality foam ear cushions. The leather becomes softer and more durable after special treatment to enhance comfort and an effective seal with the head.
  • Inspect your headsets regularly for cracked or worn parts, especially the ear cushions, When they are cracked, please replace them, or they will not maintain your headset’s original service performance.
  • Nice lower cost replacement pads
  • More thicker than others
  • Longer life(2-pair included)

Installation Instructions


  • Simply remove your existing ear pads from the headset.


  • Clean the surface of your headest.


  • Put the new one into the plastic adapter plates and sure all 8 hooks are on top.


  • Repeat steps for the other side.

Replace Your Older Earpads Is Necessary.


  • Improved Comfort – As ear pads begin to wear down, they don’t provide as much cushion or grip as they used to. This makes them less comfortable. While some people would just throw out the whole headset, all you really need to do is replace the cushions.
  • More Hygienic – Foam and leather absorb sweat and dirt overtime. This can turn them into hotbeds of bacteria—especially if you aren’t cleaning them as often as you should. Replacing them with a fresh set of ear pads every so often is a great way to be more hygienic.
  • More Affordable – It is so much cheaper in the long run to invest in a high quality set of headphones that you take care of by replacing the ear pads and other parts as needed. Most people tend to throw the whole set out as soon as the cushions wear down or certain parts start to malfunction. But the truth (that most salespeople won’t tell you) is that most parts of the headset, including the ear pads, can be replaced. And buying one part of a headset is much, much cheaper than buying a whole new set of headphones.

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Price $12.99$12.99 $26.64$26.64 $18.95$18.95 $18.99$18.99 $60.99$60.99 $53.99$53.99
Noise Reduction Rating 26dB 22dB 23dB
Adjustable Headband
Additional Features Maintain the original service performance of the headset Long-lasting+Anti-sweat+Easy to Clean Long-lasting+Anti-sweat+Easy to Clean Low profile with cut-outs+Padded headband Sound Amplification+0.01 s reaction time+Low profile with cut-outs 0.5 ms reaction time+Sound amplification+Gel ear pads+Low profile with cut-outs
Target Audience The user of 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector The user of 3M PELTOR Headsets The user of Howard Leight by Honeywell Earmuff, PROHEAR 016/030/036 Hunters, Shooters, Adults Hunters, Shooters, Adults Hunters, Shooters, Adults
Volume control
3.5 mm Audio Input Jack
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Battery Type 2AAA 2AAA


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